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Agile Testing

We work focused on the triangle of synergy to articulate an entire performance culture.

Service Included

Agile Services

Agile Testing

We accompany agile development teams with Full Stack Testers who, due to their high knowledge in quality and test automation, join an agile Software development team, design and execute strategies to achieve the appropriate quality levels and enhance.


We provide parallel test automation teams (PIAT). These teams have high technical knowledge and  seek to provide our clients the capabilities of test automation for their ongoing projects, or to automate important transactions that support business continuity and that must be executed constantly to be sure of their proper functioning.

Continuos Testing

We provide a quality service at Sofka Technologies that covers from a cultural approach, transcends the automation of performance tests and materializes in the continuous deployment of products that generate tranquility and confidence to all those involved in construction, business and customers.

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