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Agile Services

We establish values to help organizations to be more organized with software development.

Service Included

Agile Services

Agile Projects

  • Conception and strategy of agile projects.
  • Roles within the team: Scrum Master – Coach.
  • Projects in business or non-technological areas. (Marketing, Communications, HR, Organizational culture)

Agile Transformations

  • Agile transformation consulting.
  • Accompaniment in agile transformation and methodological implementation. (Facilitation, Agile Coaching and Training)

Agility Training

  • Training in roles of an agile team.
  • Agile for business
  • Facilitation of agile ceremonies

The purpose of our service is aligned with that of our organization: at Agile Services we accompany people, teams and organizations in the challenge of finding the right strategy to achieve successful results, in a systematic, evolutionary and sustainable way.

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