Software Development

We are passionate about co-creating software solutions that allows to achieve the strategic objectives of organizations, going beyond assigning a group of collaborators with a specific set of skills and knowledge.

The demands of users of software solutions in terms of availability, performance and security drive us to identify architecture designs and programming paradigms that allow us to offer the best experience to the end user of the applications we build.

For this reason and since 2017, we have been developing applications with clean and reactive architectures, responsive, resilient, elastic and message-oriented applications.

Self-contained, understandable and maintainable applications that can evolve without complexity because we know that business needs are constantly changing.

Custom Software Development

We utilize a five step process and begin with the Requirements Definition. This stage is where we begin the road map and document the requirements desired by the customer. This is completed by analyzing information gained from our clients in the form of documents, existing systems, process specifications, and if required on-site analysis interviews with end users. This stage has the following steps:

The second stage or our custom solution is the Analysis stage. In this stage, a detailed analysis is carried out from the information in the vision & scope document and feature list. This stage has the following steps:

The third stage is the Design stage. In this stage, the application design is developed on the basis of the Software Requirement Specification, Use Case Specification, Business Rules & Diagrams and the scope agreed upon in the Requirement Definition stage. This stage has the following steps:

The fourth stage is Development. In this stage, the actual code based on the design is created and tested against design requirements and test cases. This stage has the following steps:

The fifth stage is Integration and Testing. In this stage, the developed application is tested through test cases, test plans and user acceptance criteria in the deployed environment. The stage has the following steps:

  • System is integrated into the customers network;
  • Client tests and reviews system and verifies system functionality;
  • Client provides feedback and reports items for correction;
  • Client acceptance.

We will submit a detailed project schedule in accordance with the above deliverables. The project schedule will clearly indicate the responsibility of the client and the developer and indicate the dates by which each person will submit their deliverables.

Full Software Implementation

Software implementation is a daunting task and it’s crucial to do it right the first time.

Implementation of new tools and software into an enterprise can be complex, depending on the size of the organization and the software.

We are experts in implementing software, but we don’t end in just the traditional way of just implementing the software, we can help you with the whole digital transformation of your company, including training your personnel to the new software. We also offer near shore staffing to optimize your organization and get full potential of your new implementation.


CRM software is a modular technology system that includes sales automation, analytics, and marketing automation tools to gather customer data and empower sales teams to work at peak efficiency.

Customer relationship management solutions have become a mainstream part of the business world. CRM systems let organizations track customer data across channels, keep team members informed of user activities, and eliminate excessive manual work gathering information from clients.

With a CRM you can expect your organisation to improve processes, boost profitability, increase sales, enhance customer service and deepen customer relationships.

At CCM we provide support and training for all your CRM needs.